Down in the Hole – A Baltimore Documentary

On April 12th 2015; Freddie Gray, 25 is arrested for possessing what the police alleged was an illegal switchblade under Baltimore law. While being transported in a police van Freddie Gray’s spine is somehow severed 80% at his neck. on April 19 2015 Freddie Gray succumbed to his injuries.

Already too tired of oppression, corruption and brutality from police, Freddie Gray was one death too many for the citizens of Baltimore .Protest turn violent, businesses are set aflame , the city experiences wide spread looting and unrest. Governor Larry Hogan declares a state of emergency, the nation guard is deployed and a curfew is set.

After seeing false representation from other news networks, our producers Rico King and G.Rich Porter set out to go get the real story from the actual citizens of Baltimore. MD.

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Rival street gangs united, No Shoot Zones were created, people came together to give free food and home supplies. This documentary takes you deep Down in the hole. Real life stories of people born and raised in a city plagued with murder, poverty, and police corruption.

This documentary is dedicated to Freddie Gray.

special thanks to Tyree Colion.

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