legends live forever


Black King Ent is an independently owned production company, founded by Rico King.

King has always had a passion for filming, he would make mini documentaries since he was a young boy. He finally decided to pursue his passion for video and production, and released G Code: Tales of King City  in 2013.

G Code had no budget, and still managed to make waves in Houston Tx. With it’s new found popularity, King decided that this short film was continue as a series. Inspired by the american crime drama The Wire, King began filming G Code: Tales of King City Episode 2.

King joined hands with investor G. Rich Porter and recruited a team of actors and began production. King enrolled in college to learn more about film/ script writing, as the demand for Episode 2 grew, he could no longer remain in school and used his new learning combined with self taught strategies to continue to production of Episode 2.

Black King Ent has now grown into one of the more prominent entertainment companies in Houston, Tx with over 10 projected movies to be filmed in Houston, Baltimore, NYC and Toronto.

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